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  1. Right onhti-s helped me sort things right out.

    • madamezazaofmars dit :Une tres jolie trt.nformaaionsDire que je ne sais même pas comment m’ y prendre pour de vulgaires étagères Franchement, c’est pas très compliqué, de la bonne sous-couche et le tour est joué.

    • Zależy na jaki termin patrzysz, bo jeÅ›li ktoÅ› gra na godzinowym, to może w trakcie takiej konsolidacji przyzwoicie zarobić.Oczywiscie, jak zwykle, Å‚apanie krótkoterminowej zmiennoÅ›ci to ryzykowna zabawa i o sukcesie decyduje sposób zarzÄ…dzania takim ryzykiem.W moim przekonaniu, już zbliżamy siÄ™ do koÅ„ca tej konsolidacji. Pewnie do koÅ„ca roku lub na poczÄ…tku przyszÅ‚ego wyjdziemy któraÅ› stronÄ….

    • The only reason why waiting for superman would be good is superman is tough and can kick anyone's butt. NO punk would mess with superman in school. If a punk behaves, he's more likely to study. Maybe someone should do a superhero comic book: Ultra-Teach.

    • October 20, 2011Awww that is dear. Let them think your son went to Russia and drank a shake. What’s the harm? None of them will remember the next day anyway.

    • 26 febbraio, 2009 alle 10:43:26io sinceramente non ho visto il l’anime,però faccio ancora in tempo a metterlo nella llista cosi poi posso guardare il film ^__^grazie inuchan per l’informazione sei la miglioreee *___*ps=non dirlo agli altri ahahahahahah

  2. Very interesting details you have remarked, thanks for posting . “Lefty Wise guy dont carry wallets, they carry their money in a roll….beaner on the outs” by Donnie Brasco.

  3. Does ‘cross-national nation’ mean ‘nation distributed among other nations but not belonging to any of them’? I’m not sure that most people who were of Jewish religion thought of themselves like that. But in any event the rights that you and I have in the present time do not depend on how our ancestors thought of themselves.

  4. Oh my god, this had me cracking up. To think, this is what us moms have to deal with when we have to trundle into a disgusting public stall by ourselves with a kid or two in tow. It’s an incessant parade of “nooooo!!! no! Don’t touch that!! Don’t open the door! Please stop looking under the stall at the other lady!!! Noooooo!!!!! Don’t crawl on the floor!!! No!!!” At least we don’t have those freshness cakes.

  5. no es por nada pero que valiente pelarse las tetas rodeada de tantos maes!!y autografiar?? pfffPD. Por ahi hay videos de maes "moviendolo" y asi #mehancontado #solobueno

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