Michael Libow news for 2013

It’s been a while since we have made a post on here….lots of great stuff has happened over the past year. Michael has grown his business tremendously due in part to his strong work ethic and great business acumen. He recently auditioned for a t.v. show called Duets starring Kelly Clarkson. Rod Lightening and the ThunderBolts of Love band broke up, but there are rumors of a new band/collaboration in the works. Aside from his musical chops, Michale is still a strong supporter of the Beverly Hills Education Foundation and has donated both time and money generously to the organization that gave him so much.


9 thoughts on “Michael Libow news for 2013

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    • So cute!!! Where did you get the fabric for the table runners? Also, the “please sign in” and “Please take a favor before you leave” signs… how did you make those?

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    • And notice for all of you folks who want tools, that Jack and his folks started with stickies. Gotta start with stickies or cards, because that’s how you stimulate the discussions.

    • Me quedo con la araña…pinta para Spider Man de mayor! Que lástima que en España esta tradición de celebrar el día de Halloween no esté muy expandida. Es divertida.

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    • October 11, 2010I would totally let you guys live with us, but… we’re all the way in Germany :( You are wonderful people, and I hope the very best for you both (and puppy!) I’ll pray for Justin to be accepted into the military.Love ya sis,Kit

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