Michael Libow Bio

Michael Libow Bio

Michael Libow has been around for years and from the looks of things, is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. His face is known in the Real Estate world and he is just an all around loveable guy in every sense of the word!

There are a number of things he has done for the community and selling homes has been his biggest hit which is how he became so well known among the community. There are a number of pages dedicated to helping his fans and followers up to date on his status as well as new projects he may be taking on.

Michael has helped out a number of people and has really touched a lot of lives and has become more than a colleague to some and like family to others. Michael was born in Beverly Hills and works in Hollywood making him one successful real estate agent in the eyes of so many. He started off as a part time real estate agent receiving his license in 1985 and soon was at the top of his game.

About Michael Libow

He has a sense of humor that charms many, and he attended an undergrad program at UCLA which is where he earned his real estate license. He’s highly intelligent and this has allowed him to become the successful real estate agent he is today and his social skills has made him one of the legends in the area.

There are a number of positive aspects to Michael Libow and he goes out of his way to support the local fire and police agencies. His career has taken off over the years from his sense of humor as well as his intelligence level. He also has a strong work ethic which has turned him into the successful real estate agent and businessman he is today.

Michael had a Math lab dedicated to him in 2008 and this was as a result of his selflessness and his philanthropy. He was a part of a number of charitable events on his own free will and he has done a number of countless of things for the community.

An additional thing that many people are unaware of about Michael Libow is that he is a well known and accomplished musician for a band called the Rod Lightning and the Thunderbolts of Love which is a classic rock band. He had a large gig with this band in 2010was at the Apple Harvest Faire in a Beverly Hills fundraiser.

There have been a number of events that this band has played for and these gigs have been for corporate events as well. These gigs continue to become a favorite among fans of Michael Libow and not only the community but the entire LA area. He has become a living legend in more than one way and Michael Libow has created a positive outlook on his career and overall life up until now. This Beverly Hills real estate agent has continued to grow and has become a community man that has touched the lives of many.

Michael Libow Review

Michael Libow is the hardest working real estate agent in Hollywood.  Born and raised in the prestigious Beverly Hills, Ca. area, Libow received his real estate license when completing a Mathematics undergrad program at UCLA.  Starting off in a part time role, Libow began his long climb to the top in 1985.  His sense of humor, high intelligence, business acumen and social skills all served to help his career take off.  His work ethic is the stuff that legends are made out of.

Libow also supports the local police and fire agencies as well as the BHEF and The Maple Counseling Center.  His philanthropy and selflessness knows no boundaries and in 2008 a Math lab was dedicated in his honor at the Science and Technology Center
at Beverly Hills High School.  Libow modestly performs these charitable acts without much fanfare and has helped countless school children in his service to the community.

In 1998 he purchased his first home in Beverly Hills: The Witch’s House.  A 1921 movie house built by a movie studio, the Witch’s House is a true Beverly Hills landmark.  With the recent full renovation complete, Libow is the caretaker of a piece of Hollywood history.

Libow is also an accomplished musician and is the lead singer of Rod
Lightning & The Thunderbolts of Love, a classic rock cover band.  Their largest gig was on October 2010, at the Beverly Hills High School fundraiser for the Apple Harvest Faire which supports the Beverly Hills Education Foundation.  The band has played many corporate and charitable gigs in the past and continues to be a favorite amongst not only the good citizens of Beverly Hills, but the entire city of Los Angeles as well.